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  • G8916
  • System on Module
  • CPU:MSM8916 (ARM Cortex-A53)
  • Has been shipped in large quantities, is absolutely stable and reliable
  • Onboard Bluetooth, wifi, 4G, and GPS.Size: 40.5mm x 56.5mm x 2.8mm
  • CPU
  • DDR3
  • EMMC

King of Quad Core

1GB DDR3 as standard, and 2GB optional

  • A53 Quad Core CPU

    1.2Ghz Quad Core

  • 2GB RAM, 32GB Emmc

    DDR3 dual channels

  • 4G LTE Internet Speed


  • Android 4.4 Operating System

    Stable OS, cooperating 4G function

Product instruction

G8916 system on module have integrated communication device, CPU, storage and GPS, connecting with matching base board through PINs.



G8916 System on Module Features:

  • Smallest size
  • Support 4g LTE internet speed, compatibility 2G/3G/4G
  • Be of 21 interfaces, which meets clients rich interface configuration
  • It is the first system on module of Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • Single-sided cloth plate designed, which lower the thickness of the board
  • Stable and reliable features
  • Reduce the development difficulty
  • Enhancing maintainability
  • Enhanced maintainability. Through the change of core board can realize the upgrading of products, to avoid re opening, to extend the product life cycle;



G8916 System on Module Parameters:

  • Structure Parameters: Outlook: Stamp hole
  • Size: 40.5mm x 56.5mm x 2.8mm    
  • Craft: 8-layer gold immersion PCB    
System Configuration
  • System Configurations: CPU: MSM8916, cortex –a53 quad core, 1.2 Ghz
  • Ram: 1GB DDR3 as standard, and 2GB optional    
  • EMMC: 8GB/16GB/32GB optional, and 8GB as standard.    

Interface Features
  • Outlook: PCBA
  • Dimension: 40.5 x 56.5mm
  • Hardware Platform:MSM8916 Quad-Core 1.2Ghz
  • Memory:8GB ( EMMC ) + 1GB ( DDR3 ) as standard, 1GB&16GB, 2GB&16GB, 2GB&32GB are compatible
  • Extended Memory:Support Micro SD, maximum 128GB
  • Screen Resolution :Maximum 1920 x 1080    [Sole supports]
  • Main Camera:Maximum 12- megapixel AF    [Sole supports]
  • Vice Camera:Maximum 5- megapixel FF    [Sole supports]
  • Bluetooth:BT 4.0 LE
  • GPS/GNOSS/BDS2:Support
  • WIFI:802.11b/g/n
  • FM:Support
  • NFC:Support    [Sole supports]
  • RFID:Support    [Sole supports]
  • Indicator:Support
  • Sensor:IIC extension support, gravity/ distance/ light/ geomagnetic/ gyroscope    [Sole supports]
  • Interface:
    SIM card x 2;
    SD card x 1;
    IIC x 4 ;
    Ports x 2 ;
    USB (OTG) x 1 ;
    3.5MM headphone jack x 1 ;
    GPIO x 20 ;
    PWM x 1
  • Breathing Light:Support
  • Key Backlight Control :Support
  • Key:Support 4 physical buttons and full QWERT keyboard
  • Speaker Headphone:Support dual speakers
  • Mic:Support dual MIC

G8916 System on Module

Front of G8916 system on module
Back of G8916 system on module

Dimension of G8916 System on Module

Pay particular attention

  • For customers who have purchased development board( or SBC) and related accessories, Graperain provides technical support for free. For other functions not related to board or customer-own-choice accessoires or custom projects,technical support will be charged.

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