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  • RK3399
  • Development Board
  • CPU:RK3399 (ARM Cortex-A72)
  • Dual-core “work-station-level” Cortex-A72 + Quad-core Cortex-A53
  • CPU
  • DDR3
  • EMMC
  • Power Image Processing
  • Integrated with ARM Mali-T860 MP4 graphics processor, supports OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1, OpenVG1.1, OpenCL, Directx11, AFBC ( ARM Frame Buffer Compression ). Such powerful GPU supports H.265HEVC and VP9, H.265 encode and 4K HDR. And it can be applied to computer vision, learning machine, 4K 3D etc..

  • Rich Software, Multi OS
  • GR3399 development board uses powerful RK3399, 2GB/4GB DDR3, 8GB/16GB/32GB eMMC, independent power management system, Ethernet, variable interfaces.

    It supports Android7.1, Linux and Debian.

  • GR3399 development board is of abundant interfaces and full functions.
  • GR3399 development board designed almost all the functions of the CPU, especially in data communication and expansion. Peripherals on board including: 4G LTE, TypeC, USB3.0, USB2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, dual-wifi, bluetooth, audio/video input/output, sensors, display port, communication port, cameras etc..



●Super 6 core Cortex-A72  ●Dual-channel memory  ●Super performance  ●Stable and reliable  ●Long life cycle  



Product Features

GR3399 Development Board:
  • Size: 186mm*116mm, can be used in final product.
  • Powerful functions, rich interfaces, wide applications.
  • Supports Android7.1, Linux, Debian. Source code open, accelerate develop time.
  • Stable and reliable board.

GR3399 Development Board Interfaces

Specification Parameters:

  • Appearance:Gold finger SOM + carrier board
  • Size: 186mm*116mm
  • Layer: SOM 8-layer/carrier board 4-layer
System Configuration
  • CPU:Rockchip RK3399
  • Frequency:Cortex A53 quad core 1.4GHz + dual core A72 (2GHz)
  • RAM:standard 2GB, can be custom to 4GB
  • eMMC:4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB eMMC optional, standard 8GB
  • Power IC:RK808, dynamic frequency modulation
  • Graphic and video processor:Mali-T860 MP4, quad core GPU Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1, Openvg1.1, OpenCL, Directx11 Support 4K VP9 and 4K 10bits H265/H.264 video encoder, up to 60 fps 1080P multi-form video encoder 1080P video encoder, H.264, VP8
Interface Parameters
  • Display:MIPI , eDP output
  • Ethernet:RTL8211E Gigabit PHY
  • Touch:Capacitive touch,can use USB or UART to extend resistive touch
  • Audio:AC97/IIS/PCM, support record and play
  • SD:2 channel SDIO output
  • eMMC:On board eMMC
  • Ethernet:Gigabit
  • USB HOST:2 channel HOST2.0, 1 channel HOST3.0
  • USB TYPEC:1 channel
  • UART:5 channel UART, support flow control uart
  • PWM :2 channel PWM output
  • IIC:6 channel IIC output
  • SPI:1 channel SPI output
  • ADC :5 channel ADC
  • Camera :1 channel BT656/BT601, 2 channel MIPI
  • HDMI:High-definition audio and video output, Audio and video synchronization output
  • MIPI:1channel MIPI RX, 1 channel MIPI TX, 1 channel MIPI RX/TX
  • eDP:Support
Electrical Characteristics
  • Input Voltage:12V/2A
  • Output Voltage:12V/5V/3.3V
  • Storage temperature:-30~80 degree
  • Working temperature:-20~70 degree

Interfaces Details

Interfaces Details
  • 【1】12V power charger:12V power input
  • 【2】Earphone:Audio earphone output
  • 【3】HDMI TypeA:HDMI TypeA output
  • 【4】TypeC:TypeC
  • 【5】USB3.0:USB3.0
  • 【6】USB2.0:USB2.0
  • 【7】USB2.0:USB2.0
  • 【8】Ethernet:RJ45
  • 【9】IR receiver:IR receiver
  • 【10】SPDIF OUT:SPDIF output
  • 【11】4G Mic:4G communication record
  • 【12】USB2.0:USB2.0 4pin
  • 【13】RTC:RTC
  • 【14】USB2.0:USB2.0 4pin
  • 【15】Speaker:2pin speaker socket
  • 【16】GPIO :Include PCIE and GPIO extension
  • 【17】4G module :4G LTE, EC20 module in default
  • 【18】LED:Controllable LED
  • 【19】4G LED:4G LED light
  • 【20】LED:Controllable LED
  • 【21】4G SIM card:4G SIM card slot
  • 【23】DVP Camera:DVP Camera
  • 【24】MIPI LCD:MIPI LCD, standard 7 inch mipi
  • 【25】GR3399 SOM :GR3399 SOM
  • 【26】Dual MIPI:Dual MIPI, input/output
  • 【27】MIPI Camera:MIPI Camera, standard OV13850
  • 【28】TF card :TF card slot
  • 【29】BT/WIFI antenna:BT/WIFI antenna
  • 【30】BT/WIFI onboard antenna :BT/WIFI onboard antenna
  • 【31】BT/WIFI onboard antenna :BT/WIFI onboard antenna
  • 【32】UART no.4:UART no.4, TTL
  • 【33】Debugging UART:Debugging UART, TTL
  • 【34】Upgrading key:Upgrading key
  • 【35】Reset :Reset
  • 【36】Power:Power
  • 【37】Buzzer:Buzzer
  • 【38】Fan socket:Fan socket, 12V power supply
  • 【39】External voltage seat:External volt, 12V/5V/3.3V, GND
  • 【40】Audio recording:Audio recording MIC
  • 【41】Onboard gravity sensor, gyroscope, light sensor


  • OS: Android7.1, Linux and Debian.
  • Custom service: G3399 SOM, custom hardware + software + OEM/ODM
Applied Area
  • With rich expansion of RK3399, it can be applied in industrial and consumer. For example, VR, TV-BOX, laptop, car, communication, smart home, advertising machine, POS, thin client, VOIP, monitoring, IOT etc.

Packing List

  • GR3399 development board
  • 12V/2A power adapter
  • Cloud link(including SOM, hardware SCH(PDF form), source code, chip and LCD data sheet, develop tools, user manual etc.)
  • 7 inch 1024x600 mipi capacitive touch screen
  • 13MP mipi camera
  • Cooling fan
  • USB to serial cable
  • HDMI TypeA cable
  • 8G TF card
  • Speaker
  • TypeC cable
  • TTL to RS232 transfer board


  • For customers who have purchased development board( or SBC) and related accessories, Graperain provides technical support for free. For other functions not related to board or customer-own-choice accessoires or custom projects,technical support will be charged.

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