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 New arrival G4418 Ibox SBC Single Board Computer compatible to Samsung S5P6818 64bit Octa-Core
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Embedded Single Board Computer

arm sbc

single board computer (SBC) is a complete computer built on a single circuit board, with microprocessor, memory, input/output(I/O) and other features required of a functional computer. Single board computers were made as demonstration or development systems, for educational systems, or for use as embedded computer controllers. Many types of home computer or portable computer integrated all their functions onto a single printed circuit board.  

Graperain Embedded Industrial SBC Single Board Computer is 8-layer design which makes it more stable. As full as most wanted expansions, the single board computer can be used as final product directly, short time to market. Unlike traditional SBC, Graperain have 32 bit and 64 bit processor, such as Samsung S5P4418(Cortex-A9), S5P6818(Cortex-A53), RK3288(Cortex-A17, coming soon) and other arm single board computer Linux and Android design boards. With it’s full featured I/O, Graperain embedded SBC can be used in a full range of applications, game machines, education board, kiosk etc. In addition of SBC, Graperain offer more services like, custom SBC development, review for custom-design schematic, system engineering tech support, Android, Linux + qt, Ubuntu developing etc, more than you can imagine.

Besides SBC single board computer, customers can purchase optional accessories. For example,  debugged 7” touch screen, it’s RGB 1024*600 resolution. Connect it to SBC, it’ll be more convenient to view and test with the performances. For more accessories, please check with Graperain engineers if they can work.

sbc single board computer usd for medical

Computer industry is almost born for a particular requirement, it can be said that a wide variety of patterns, if you want to be a simple classification, industrial computer can type and level of distinguished. There are roughly boards, subsystems and system integration solutions to the three:

Roughly Boards: there are single-board computer (Single Board Computer, SBC), embedded single board computers (Embedded Board), PC / 104 modules and other categories. In simple terms, the board is to the lightweight sheet molding, precision components to provide the host computer functions. It is a single board computer with a host card bus itself has all the features of your computer, the software can be provided with the use of different industries. Embedded computers are embedded industrial computer applications in order to machine the board computer miniaturization. PC / 104 module is like a personal computer expansion card, extension board computer or embedded computer.

Subsystems: the peripheral board computer, board, chassis, power supply and other industrial computer systems can be combined into a functioning, connect it to be able to use after the big systems, such as industrial servers, workstations.

System Integration Solutions: a set of systems for an industry or area of ??expertise developed, including hardware and software and peripherals, usually cope with the needs of different industries, and has a very custom of output, in different areas of systems integration and development manufacturers because the technology is not easy to enter the threshold, with higher customer loyalty. Related products such as: automatic teller machines (ATM), the MRT system.

Industrial single board computer

Industrial single board computer product supply chain

Although the industrial single board computer and personal computer in terms of functionality, demand, appearance, there are significant differences, but the basic composition of the two are no different, are the CPU, chipset, connectors, circuit boards, power supply, chassis, hard drives and other electronic components with the other. Basically, the supplier also has a high overlap, many parts of the Chamber of Commerce at the same time supply to the personal computer manufacturers and industrial single board computer manufacturers, but because the two shipments and production is not consistent, so some spare parts Chamber of Commerce. The department specializes in the production of industrial computer parts. Upstream parts vendors selling parts to the middle reaches of the industrial computer manufacturers, industrial computer manufacturers will be based on the different types of industrial computers for a variety of assembly, to this step, the core of industrial single board computers has been roughly formed.

The industry single board computer to move towards the final step in the market, the most critical role is the system integrators. Because the assembly of industrial computers is the basic equipment, need to go through the system integrators for different professional areas for customized system integration, with the surrounding the whole and can really provide to the end-user. In addition, in response to a variety of additional functional requirements, value-added resellers will be added to the industrial computer hardware and software to provide additional features (such as anti-virus software in the operating system), and then sold it to system integrators.

embedded single board computer usd for medical

Where can it be used?

Industrial computers were first introduced to upgrade industrial production to automated production lines, so the main application areas were automation. However, with the increasing demand for industrial automation, more and more places need to use industrial computers to help form a complete control system. So in the application can be said to blossom everywhere, in addition to industrial process automation production line, in the retail, medical, transportation and so can see traces of industrial computers, including convenience store cash register system, automatic storage equipment, and automated transportation systems Our daily lives are closely related to the application. Basically, as long as the application of automated equipment, there must be industrial computer control.

ARM single board computer usd for Bank

Future Trends in Industrial Computers

At present, the voice of IOT ( Internet of Things ) is getting higher, the wave of cloud technology sweeping the world, industrial computer applications are more flexible and diverse, all hard equipment manufacturers are all gearing up for a promising future in a slice. For example, Adventech, the world's second-largest supplier of industrial computers, invested in the field of intelligent agriculture a few years ago to help alpine lily farmers devise a configuration that would remotely monitor the growth of flowers, Many long-distance tolls, but also reached a more effective management.

Computer communication system has become the main application field of industrial computer in recent years. With the integration of Internet and communication equipment, nowadays communication system replaces traditional telephone exchange with open architecture computer. Industrial computer also has the opportunity to develop, such as bank voice query system, hospital booking system and other interactive voice services (Interactive Voice Response) are all new communications technology to respond to the needs arising.

In the medical field, large-scale precision medical equipment, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, computer tomography simulation photography, ultrasound diagnosis. More than 20 years ago industrial computer has been the introduction of industrial computer equipment, and now with the medical-related services and products demand is growing and hospitals are introducing "automated bed monitoring and medical data communication systems" to help make more efficient medical management. In addition, the national defense and military industry has always been the subject of science and technology competition, because the need for a very high standard of scientific and technological strength in order to develop, it is also closely related to the development of industrial computers.
The future of industrial computers is far beyond this, in addition to agriculture, communications and medical care, whether it is transportation, urban construction, retail logistics, are related to the development of the field, its application with the development of science and technology gradually open branches scattered leaves, it is worth to wait and see.







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