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 New arrival G4418 Ibox SBC Single Board Computer compatible to Samsung S5P6818 64bit Octa-Core
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ARM Solution Business Applications

Game Machine Custom Solution Used Samsung Exynos4412 Chip

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This basketball gaming machine is based on a 4412 IBOX single board computer, designed by a company in Guangdong province. It is tiny, fast, power-saving, will complete source and can get charged directly. Now the gaming machine is very popular among all the kids, which can practice their hands-on skills and intelligence. We have already promoted the gaming machine in mainland China and Hong Kong, it will gradually move toward overseas markets.

Size: 1030*2500*2400 mm
Power: 350W

1.Original motherboard.
2.4 level games with moveable basket.
3.3D amplifier with high quality mainboard
4.Safe and durable high-temperature motor 12v
5.Networking is available..
6.Metal firm structure, very easy to play.
7.Famous brand coin acceptor and ticket out system are included.
8.High quality power supply with 10 years guarantee.
9.Nice sounds system to attractive more players
10.Win more or less ticket is decided by player
11.CE certification is available.(Option)
12.Power surge fuse to protect machine.
13.The outlet colors and pictures can be changed according to customers requirement!

How to play:
Insert coin, you can choose single player or online mode.
Single player mode: total four levels, the first level, the hoop will stand still in the middle; the rest 3 levels, the hoop will keep moving left and right, difficulty levels improving progressively. Player need to get enough points to reach next level.
Online mode: countdown timer will be the same on all online machines, as long as one player get enough points.
Get more points, win more tickets!

G4412 IBOX Card Computer Size: 100mm*68mm
Kernel: ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core;
Frequency: 1.5GHz*4
RAM: 1GB/2GB DDR3 Optional, 1GB Standard;
Flash: Support 8GB/16GB eMMC Optional, 8GB Standard;
2 Channels USB HOST Interfaces, OTG Used Meanwhile;
24 Bits RGB Interface;
USB OTG Interface;
4 Channels TTL UART Interface, Which Includes 1 Channel Serials Port;
TF Card Interface;
2 Channels LED Lights;
Reset Key;
Software Key ON/OFF;
Support GPS Interface;
Support GPRS Interface;
Support Outside USB 3G Module;
Support USB Mouse and USB Keyboard;
Support Matrix Keyboard Interface;
Support 80PIN GPIO Extension, Such as: Camera, MIPI, SDIO, SPI, I2C, ADC, PWM, UART etc..

PCBA Appearance:








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Tel: +86-755-2302 5312
Fax: +86-755-2302 5312-8006
Post Code: 518000

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