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 New arrival G4418 Ibox SBC Single Board Computer compatible to Samsung S5P6818 64bit Octa-Core
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Graperain has a wide range of applications and experience in many industries, such as Government Affairs, Education, Financial, Medical, hotels and restaurants, the Energy, Military, Agriculture, Transportation, Manufacturing, Mining, Entertainment and so on. If customers need not only meet the standards in the field, but also with their own more specific requirements, Graperain can do it specially for you with its unique advantages.

1.Leading Technology

Graperain is a company with technology and innovation focused. In the professional test, compared with other products based on the same hardware, Graperain’s products run faster and higher stability.

2.Professional Service

Graperain team provide all aspects of services with expertise. Whether it is pre-sale demand communication, after-sale technical support, or integration of customized products, Graperain team will make you satisfied with our cooperation with meticulous customer service and excellent products.

3.Efficient International Supply Chain Management

To get a perfect industry solution, supply chain of products and technologies will be around the world. International supply chain management experience is particularly important. Graperain team has many years of accumulated experience in the management to help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs.





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