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From the CPU Chip to Embedded Products - "System-on-Module (SOM) + Carrier Board" Mode of Cooperatio

With the advent of automation and digital era, embedded products more and more welcomed. From computer, mobile phones and other consumer electronics to the hospital's medical equipment, plant control equipment, and even satellites and spacecraft electronic equipment, embedded products appears everywhere, they are relevant to our lives.

Embedded products is a very broad concept. Some embedded products have a house size, such as some large-scale industrial control equipment; some embedded products are only the size of our hand, such as common mobile phones and smart watches. At the same time embedded products often have a wealth of features, such as entertainment, communications, intelligent control, information collection and so on.  In this dazzling shape and function, what they have in common? The core of embedded products - Central Processing Unit (CPU), embedded products are different forms of internal unity but the core, but also embedded The product has the rich function key. From a small CPU chip to a variety of embedded products, it seems a bit marvelous, then the CPU in the end how to become one of the embedded products?

Embedded products are generally divided into hardware and software. Hardware can be easily divided into CPU chip part, peripheral chip interface part and external device. CPU chip part, peripheral chip interface part is generally integrated in a board is called the development board; which can also be separated in a number of different functional modules, such as the CPU chip part of system on module board made of peripherals chip interface part carrier board, the system on module and the carrier board together into a functional complete development board. The software can also be divided into two parts: the operating system and the application program. While the development board, external devices, operating systems and applications together to become a combination of four parts of the real function of a variety of embedded products. Often embedded products manufacturers only product integrators, they only complete the design of the application, the other part of the need to hardware platform vendors and external equipment manufacturers to buy. Embedded product manufacturers to the hardware platform vendors to buy development board, at the same time from the hardware platform manufacturers in addition to the development board required for the operating system and peripheral drivers; and external devices can be purchased from the hardware platform vendors can also from a specific external device manufacturers .

With the development of embedded products, some of the more powerful embedded products manufacturers no longer meet directly from the hardware platform vendors to buy development board, because often the bottom of the peripherals and circuit diagrams related to industry secrets. Taking into account the technical confidentiality, these embedded manufacturers will be based on the technical requirements of their products, with the help of hardware platform vendors to develop their own bottom plate, and buy the hardware platform manufacturers core board, operating system and drivers. This hardware platform manufacturers core board + embedded products manufacturers floor mode of cooperation, in many industries, embedded products are very popular.

We take a Texas Instruments AM3358 CPU chip as example, and state you cooperation between the hardware platform manufacturers SOM android and embedded products manufacturers the mode of operation. Hardware platform vendors will be the first AM3358 processor chip called the evaluation board to do a development board. As the name suggests, the evaluation board is used to evaluate the function of the CPU chip board, embedded product manufacturers can generally understand through the evaluation board based on this CPU chip development board to meet the requirements. Figure 1 is an evaluation board based on the AM3358 processor.

Hardware platform vendors in the introduction of the evaluation board, will also launch the same "system on module + carrier board" development board, Figure 2 is based on the AM3358 processor " system on module + carrier board " development board. When the embedded product manufacturers through the evaluation board to confirm the CPU to meet the demand, they will contact the hardware platform manufacturers, and through the " system on module + carrier board " development board to further evaluate the program, the hardware platform manufacturers will provide the corresponding requirements of customers of the help and recommendations, the final embedded products manufacturers in the hardware platform vendors to help design their own carrier board.

Of course, the hardware platform manufacturers system on module + embedded products manufacturers floor mode of cooperation there are many shortcomings, for example, the need for embedded products manufacturers have strong R & D capability, need to embedded products manufacturers have sufficient economic strength to allow hardware platform vendors to provide technology Help, these shortcomings often lead to many weaker embedded products manufacturers and hardware platform vendors can not "core board + floor" mode of cooperation.


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