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Why we Choose Cortex-A9 as Processor?

With processor applications developing, more and more processors appear on the market, with different features meeting different clients needs. The mainstream processor applications need ever increasing levels of performance to handle higher data rates, more media services and new features such as cryptography and security utilizing a rich user interface. Since consumer demand is the main driver of product development in this application space, a big challenge for manufacturers is to reduce the cost of end products. This isn't just a competitive issue: it is also about opening up new markets in developing countries. 

The Cortex A9 is a huge architectural jump because it supports:

Out of Order Execution (OoOE) with register renaming. It could be compatible with Cortex series CPU and ARM MPCore technoloy. In this way, the Cortex-A9 will continues to use operating system/ real time operating system( OS/RTOS ), and middleware application and its rich system, which will cut off new CPU cost. 


Now cortex-A9 is of high scalabilty and high power efficiency by first using micro architecture improvements. And its frequency more than 1GHz in device, and every circulation could perform more than four commands, and meanwhile lower cost than octa core CPU in market.


Here is pictures of our G4418 Quad Core Single Board Computer with Cortex-A9:

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