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Application of ARM System on Module in Base Station Monitoring

Application of ARM System on Module in Base Station Monitoring. In 2014, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom jointly set up China Iron Tower Co., Ltd. The main business scope includes: construction, maintenance, operation of base stations, power supply, air conditioning facilities and indoor distribution system; And the maintenance of the base station equipment.

In pricing, the tower will take the "three low and one insurance" strategy, that is, the price of the tower shall be lower than the international similar companies, lower than the current public market price, lower than the three interoperability, to build a shared price, but to ensure that Cost of coverage.

The main background of the establishment of the tower is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the SASAC standing to reduce investment waste, to facilitate access to site resources perspective, to build a shared policy to promote sustainable. Reconstruction of new base stations or old base stations, equipment and construction materials are in accordance with the unified bidding method, greatly reducing the tower construction and room monitoring facilities cost.

To base station room monitoring, for example, a single tender after the cost of a single FSU that is down more than 50%. FSU for the scene monitoring unit, monitoring the fire sensors, fire equipment, access control equipment, security monitoring facilities, air conditioning, power, and monitoring center for remote monitoring, fault detection and send alarm information. It is unmanned outdoor base station room indispensable terminal facilities to protect the base station communications equipment, security, stability, reliable operation.

Main functions:

l  Ethernet, mainly for access to a multi-channel camera or camera

l  RS-485, docking access control, air conditioning, ventilation, power monitoring, distribution and other functional modules

l  USB interface, extended 4G module, to achieve 4G communication test, video and computer room environment data upload

l  AI, DI, DO, mainly used for telemetry, remote signaling, remote control

l  TF card interface, extended mass storage device for local data recording and video Data storage


Since the establishment of the tower has been high-profile, the Ministry of Industry said the establishment of the tower will help reduce the cost of building the base station eventually benefit the majority of telecommunications users. So, with the establishment and operation of the tower, telecommunications tariffs will decline significantly?

"Although the establishment of the tower can reduce the operator's base station construction costs, but the three major carriers have never been the cost of fixed telecommunications tariff prices."

Including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Planning and Competitiveness Research Center Director Zhang Xinzhu also said that the establishment of the tower may be able to achieve intensive resources, but more likely to result in resource monopoly, raise telecommunications tariffs.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry on July 6, 2015 speed reduction fee conference, chief engineer, spokesman Zhang Feng said: the Ministry of Industry will strengthen the regular follow-up inspection mechanism, urging enterprises in accordance with commitments, be sure to implement the annual network speed mission, the end Before the realization of mobile phone traffic and fixed broadband unit bandwidth average tariff levels are down 30%.

In addition to the Ministry of Industry position, speed reduction costs have also been raised to the height of economic growth and social development, whether or not associated with the tower base station down, the telecommunications tariff cut has become an inevitable trend.

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