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The key driver of the Internet wave: industrial single board computers

With networking technology, network nodes are now no longer just home desktop computer, or mobile devices, every machine, every object we contact, the future may become "conscious", our life will be become more networked, through a variety of intelligent devices will make us more closely with the world, a new era of Internet of things has arrived. In this concept, the hidden behind the industrial single board computer (Industrial SBC) is to promote the future of things like the implementation of an important promoter of life, what is the industrial computer?

Industrial computers can easily be thought of as controllers in industrial automation equipment. And a machine in addition to mechanical parts, from the data, signal input to the whole machine action, to be able to produce "automation" ability of the most critical components, is the controller. In fact, automation is the automatic implementation of the machine parts "process" of the process, each program in the order is issued by the controller to analyze, in order to achieve the various parts of the machine automatically work target.

Industrial computer and personal computer:

Speaking of industrial computers, most people want to ask is: it and our daily use of the computer what is the difference? In fact, if we trace back to the origin of the computer, there is no sort of classification at the outset. In the Second World War, in order to meet the military's huge and complex operations, the computer to "Super Calculator" image often debut as the war ended, the original military computer to civilian, and gradually developed a different purpose, Numerous changes have been made to personal computers (PCs) incorporating multiple functions. The rapid development of technology in recent decades, personal computers are becoming increasingly powerful and increasingly popular, smart people will move from the brain, would like to PC applications in the upgrading of automation equipment, but the original PC, although high-performance is not stable enough , For the process, the environment demanding industry is not enough to meet, for different professional fields of industrial computers was born.

Personal computers focus on providing multiple needs, most people can use to play reports, watch movies, play online games, dealing with a wide range of things. Industrial computers are used in industrial processes, do not need to configure so many functions, but more emphasis on meeting specific needs, need to be consistent in a particular environment for long-term performance, not as personal computers, often a small problem, Otherwise it will suffer huge losses. In addition, the industrial single board computer Ubuntu is the core of the system equipment, and other peripheral needs to play a role, unlike the PC is the way the final product presented. If there is no high compatibility and scalability for its additional equipment, is not easy for customers to adopt.

Because the demand for each industry area is not the same, in some high-temperature environment, industrial computers may need to have better cooling capacity, in some industries may be a higher demand for dust, such as for the financial industry ATM The system is particularly focused on to meet the needs of security, in the development of the system will take more effort in this one feature, will be tailored according to different characteristics. Its value lies in the ability to target different customers, depending on the needs of the system to provide customized integration, so a small number of diverse industrial computer industry is a major feature. Because the industrial computer is expected to use the life of 5-7 years, the product cycle longer than the personal computer, so the purchase of industrial computer selection criteria will not be the same as the personal computer is focused on functional diversity, appearance, price and other conditions, but Look at the brand's technical superiority and after-sales service.

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